GPS NMEA Serial port parser

We have recently created a base board supporting the GPS chipset UTRAQ with IRNSS NavIC support.

We are trying to use the device for collecting satellite signal strength and tracking statistics over time. Is there a parser available in HA, I came accross GPSLogger, but that seems to be useful only in mobile phones. The UTRAQ module outputs NMEA serial data with 115200 by default.

By far we are able to visualise the realtime satellite tracking data through the skytraq GNSS Viewer software ( Navspark ) , but it does not provide tools to track the satellite performance over time.

Our aim is to create sensors for each satellite visible by the module and collect and analyse the data through HA.

If anyone has come across a NMEA parser component, please send details. It can be great reference to get started with that, instead of starting from scratch :blush:

There’s this:

Thanks for the response. I will try with template sensor method to create entities from serial data. This seems to be a great way to get started.