GPS Pet Tracker

Okay, so there are products on the market for this but they are expensive

I only want to know where my cat goes for a few days - not permanent, so I don’t want to spend £50 on a tracker and then a long term contract…

It seems that this sort of thing is ripe for a home build - I have a 3D printer so could design and print a case, thinking maybe a small ESP32 or something to track the cat might work. But honestly I’m not sure - hoping someone has done it! Even a sim based solution if needed would be way cheaper than the productised ones!

I’ve been googling and can’t seem to find anyone who’s done this, but there must be someone?!

Well, clearly my initial googling was guff as I’ve now found a few:

Anyone made any of these?

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@vaderag did you ever get anywhere with this? I’d be interested to know how you got on. My wife would love to know what the cats are up to!

Hey, so, sadly life has got in the way and no. Still interested in doing it but it’s down the priority list right now