GPS radius sometimes huge

hey, just switched to gps tracking if i‘m home or not. it works good, but from time to time the radius is huge and it detects me at home even if i‘m about 1km away.

here is a screenshot of the huge and normal radius. someone knows what’s causing this?

i’m most familiar with android, but i’m guessing it’s the same for iphone. the android device returns a location and an accuracy value. it gives the size of the radius to the 68th percentile of confidence. ie, if it’s confidence is lower on your exact location, it’ll expand the radius to where it has 68% confidence you’re in that region. that all depends on how things like how strong of a satellite signal it sees.

android has high accuracy mode that you can turn on, but it burns more battery. iphone the same?

iphone also has a „precise“ mode.

i‘d say the tracking works good, but i just had that problem twice today (maybe once before on an other day). but the way you described how it‘s working made sense. so i guess i just have to live with it.

When your phone can’t see a lot of GPS satellites the accuracy drops. If it can’t see at least three it starts using cell tower triangulation which has even less accuracy.