GPS Speed to low

When using the Home Assistant App for tracking, it shows the following:

The speed should be ~23 km/h and not 7 (?)

Using Life360 it looks like this:

As of the HA App is using “raw speed” in stead of the actual km/h speed.

Because the HA App is more accurate, I do not want to use Life360.

Someone who can tell me if the HA Speed is correct and the same as raw_speed as Life360 mentions?

Can I change this to an actual km/h speed?

Owntracks seems to do a decent job and does km/h by default. They call it velocity rather than speed.
I know it’s not exactly what you’re asking for, but if you are open to trying something new and this detail is important to you it’s another option.

The source will tell you what is being used.

Sorry to revive this rather old topic, but I noticed this as well. Like with OP, I know the GPS speed is accurate (well, over 20-30 km/h at least) since other apps show the speed in the sync with the speedometer.

I searched through the HA android app github repo, but from what I’ve seen the app only gets the location data from android directly and the speed attribute is defined as integer and mapped to the data from the OS.

Source File

So I’m really scratching my head as to why the data is not correct. In my opinion this is a bug, I’ll open up an issue on github.

EDIT :Link to github issue

6.388889 x 3.6 =



So most likey the “raw_speed” and HA “speed” is in m/s and “speed” in Life360 is in km/h.

But this is a pure guess.

Edit: if this is true then I would agree with the bug report on the basis that it’s changed to be a float and not a truncated integer.

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Good thing I muted all my notifications while researching this and coming to the same conclusion. gps speed is taken from the google location services which measures in meters/second.

I clarified that already in the bug report, but I did ask whether HA should also use float instead of int and to update the companion documentation.

At least now we know why…

EDIT: the companion documentation already covers it. No idea why my google skills let me down here.