GPS Speed to low

When using the Home Assistant App for tracking, it shows the following:

The speed should be ~23 km/h and not 7 (?)

Using Life360 it looks like this:

As of the HA App is using “raw speed” in stead of the actual km/h speed.

Because the HA App is more accurate, I do not want to use Life360.

Someone who can tell me if the HA Speed is correct and the same as raw_speed as Life360 mentions?

Can I change this to an actual km/h speed?

Owntracks seems to do a decent job and does km/h by default. They call it velocity rather than speed.
I know it’s not exactly what you’re asking for, but if you are open to trying something new and this detail is important to you it’s another option.

The source will tell you what is being used.