GPS tracker with Wifi


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I had the idea to put a tracker on my robotic lawnmower, and have its trace for the past 6 hours shown in home assistant. I am quite new to Home Assistant, but as far as I can tell, this should be possible with the device_tracker platform. Ideally I would like a map on my dashboard, with the trace marked.

Now, the issue I face, is that I cannot find a GPS tracker that connects to Wifi - I have wifi around my house, wo it would be ideal if the gps location could be requested through wifi. Do you know of such a device?
I have only had luck finding GSM devices, but no Wifi.

Thank you in advance.


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I went down a quick rabbit hole of looking at triangulation via WiFi…but the best device you can probably get is an old android/iPhone phone maybe. WiFi with gsm/3G fallback and GPS.

Traccar if you use that has an android and iPhone client that can report coordinates.

Wouldn’t a robotic lawn mower report it location anyway or is it Lidar based?

An ESP with a gps module and ESP-Home.

Edit… sorry didn’t read far enough.
It only receive time not coordinates.

Edit again:


Very good idea with the ESP platform - that was not on my radar, but it would obviously be a good candidate.

I will look into how I can get data from an ESP to Home Assistant, but I believe this is the way forward…

Thank you.

I have it running on a WEMOS D1 mini. FW is Tasmota with GPS enabled .bin. Normally i prefer ESPHome but this works perfectly:

Add in configuration file:

Robo GPS from MQTT


  • platform: mqtt_json
    rm1: tele/RM1/GPS

In Tasmota console:

Rule1 ON GPS#lat DO Var1 %value% ENDON ON GPS#lon DO Var2 %value% ENDON ON GPS#vAcc DO Var3 %value% ENDON ON GPS#hAcc DO publish2 tele/%topic%/GPS {“latitude”:%var1%,“longitude”:%var2%,“gps_accuracy”:%value%,“vertical_accuracy”:%var3%} endon;"}

& off course then: Rule1 1

Discussed here: FR - Change MQTT Message for Longitude and Latitude · Issue #7372 · arendst/Tasmota · GitHub

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Was Esphome not working for you? just wondering coz I am thinking about getting an ESP32 based GPS too .

Sorry, didnt see your message till now.

The Tasmota way is much easier as it integrates directly with HA as a device tracking unit so thats why i choosed Tasmota. Beside that i believe that 3 months ago all ESPHome could use the GPS-integration for was to receive time.

Hi, I’m looking to do something similar with my home assistant instance.
I have an Ambrogio robot mower that I cannot interface with, I’d like to track its GPS location.
Have you got any further with your setup? Have you managed to plot a map of where it’s been or any other nice things?
Just wondering what yours looks like now?
And what your final tracking solution was?