GPS tracking history map

I don’t know if it is possible, but when your using the history component it should store all the locations in the past too. Would be nice if you can create a map where you can see where this person has been the last 24 hours or so. I know you can make the still image maps with google maps, but what about multiple locations over time?

I too would be interested in this. I experimented once with Owntracks and a logger it had but had too many issues. I ended up using GPSLogger. I guess any would work so long as the coordinates are sent back to HA.

agreed would be cool. perhaps though a mod could move this to feature requests?

Well i didn’t put it in future request, because the data is in your database. Perhaps a clever templating thing could already give the same results? I just don’t know how at the moment.

maybe we need a feature request for a clever templating thing :wink:

Seems one can do that themself :slight_smile:

Install the latest version of HA, it now shows history number of hours in the lovelace card!

Oof, 3 years already … time flies

Do I need to enable something to make this happen? I have two devices one tracked by Icloud and one with owntracks but I do not get this visual timeline track like shown on the example

In the default map lovelace card there is a history setting. (this does not work on the general map on the left)

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Ah! That works. Thanks