Gps tracking (Huawei P40 lite)

I use life360 integrated with home assitance to view my familys position, and that works fine. But now I bought a new Phone to one of the family members (a huawei p40 lite), which does not work with life360 (known limitation)
Therefore I’m looking for a alternate donation to tack that family member integrated with Home Assistant. Please help me with a suggestion for this Phone!

Use the official Home Assistant Companion App for android

I find the official app doesnt update location very often, I have used GPS Logger for a long time now and phone only reports 3-4% battery usage

Thanks @Holdestmade, I will try with the Home Assistant App to start with (I was able to configure it which is a good start…), but will also give GPS logger a chanse, if I notice the same updaye issuea as you experinced. But can ypu please share a link yo google plan or similar, seems to be many apps named GPS Logger!

Thanks @Burningstone, I will try it out!

There is a link in this page:

@Holdestmade, turned out that Gps Logger was the tool to use! :grinning:.
I’m able yo get the position etc, but would like to have a card or similar which says what was tge time that position was received. Any idea how that could be accomplished?

I.e showing location combined with when latest position was received!

No afraid not, maybe create a new post and ask someone to help you with a template


Actually found this, might work in a template sensor:


Sadly this tool is now in its dying days. Please see:

That is rubbish. I’ve just downloaded the latest APK so will still be able to use it if it disappears

Never mind, i just realized that the owntracks fork for devices with no gms (nexttracks) is also currently unmaintained. However, seems like OwnTracks now has an oss-version that works on huawei devices GitHub - owntracks/android: OwnTracks Android App :slight_smile: So you could use that together with the home assistant integration for owntracks

I just use the HA companion app now, works fine with high accuracy turned on when needed