GPS tracking, point vs overlap

I’m currently relying quite a bit on GPS tracking for presence detection using Companion app, but I have one problem with it. My wife prefers her GPS to be turned off most of the time to save battery and whatnot, so I’ve set the minimum accuracy pretty high, so it can still use GSM approximate location or whatever it’s called. Well, cell tower location.

The problem is that it can have a large radius, and device can be like 500m away from home but still register as “Home” because the circle overlaps with home. I’d much rather prefer to either use just the “Point within home radius” approach or a custom overlap circle that’s separate from the approximation radius.

I realize it may trigger false aways, but from looking at it I don’t think it will be much of an issue. While it shows that approximation radius is large location is pretty accurate even without GPS.

It’s that or some way of making Companion app turn GPS on temporarily while updating position?