GPS Tracks / Breadcrumbs displaying on a map?

Hey folks!

My Home Assistant installation is in an RV. I have another device on the network with a GPS dongle and it is sharing Latitude and Longitude values with Home Assistant via MQTT. Right now, I have an automation set up to change the Home Assistant “home” zone based on whatever that data shows.

One thing I would really like to do is have a separate dashboard with a map that shows tracks for everyone the RV has been. The device that has the GPS dongle is running VenusOS and I can use Victron’s VRM website to general a KML file from that data and, from there, I can generate a map. Very cool; but I’d love for this to be automated and up to date, with the ability to see everywhere I’ve been up to the current moment without having to go through those manual steps.

Has anyone done something similar, and have info to share? In digging through docs, reading, experimenting, and even messing around with ChatGPT I have figured out how to import a KML file into a GEOJSON file and then continue updating that GEOJSON file with coordinates received in the future. But I haven’t figured out how to take that GEOJSON data and make it something usable on a map card that I can see. But I’m certainly open to ingesting, storing, and retrieving the information some other way if someone has a better idea. But I do at least have that much solved.