GPSLogger - Away


I’m new to HA coming from Smartthings. I have a new working Hassio setup with NodeRed and Z-Wave installed from the Add-ons. Pretty plain jane. I wanted to add a presence sensor using my phone. I’ve installed GPSLogger and have 1 Device, 1 Entity. The Developer Entity State attrs are:

source_type: gps
battery_level: 81
latitude: 35.67170103
longitude: -119.51684037
gps_accuracy: 36
speed: 1.17
direction: 125.3
altitude: 1518
provider: gps
activity: ''
friendly_name: TDsPhone

My Entities card for the Device show my phone as “Away”. Aside from the install and basic integration steps, the HA GPSLogger Integration link ( doesn’t elaborate any further. I’m certainly missing something, I just don’t know what. Any direction would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance

It’ll show home when the coordinates are inside zone.home, and not_home when away (the UI will show those as Home and Away, but those are the translated states, not the actual ones). You can set that in Configuration -> General and change the radius in Configuration -> Zones.

When you define other zones, if it reports a location in one of those the state will be the name of that zone.

Personally, I’ve found that GPS for home/away is a terrible choice. It’s relatively slow to update, and errors in accuracy can mean you’re reported as home when you’re not, or away when you’re home. My primary home/away detection is based off of Bluetooth, with WiFi as a backup. I use monitor for Bluetooth, but there’s a built in integration too.