Gpslogger - nothing send to HA


since owntracks is not working on my android phone because it truns off gps when the app is not in foreground.

Now I’m trying gpslogger, which is looking good so far, but no data is coming to HA.
I’m using version 81.1 on docker with port 8123 mapped to the container.
I configured gpslogger according to

I configured a custom URL with my IP address (I’m connected via openvpn)

Set an LLAT in HA and copied the key to pgslogger:

…and so on…

But the gpslogger is not sending anything to HA, even when logger is set to debug.

When I copy/pase the URL to a browser, I see an invalid request
2018-11-12 13:02:44 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.http.ban] Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from XX.XX.XXX.XX
so the URL is ok.

thanks for your help

…after having a look at the “Protokollansicht” the last on in the dropdown menu at the top of the app, I found out that the GPS accuracy was 600m and the accuracy filter was set to 40.
After changing the settings and searching for a better gps signal, the updates arrived at HA.