Grabbing doorbell signal – recommendations?

I have a Siedle CA 812-2 BS/W doorbell to open the door of my fence. I am now looking for a solution to grab the doorbell signal. I have a few options in mind and would be happy to hear your experiences or recommendations:

  • FIBARO Smart Implant- Z-Wave – I do not know, whether it gets enough power. A Wall plug is only 50 cm away to repeat the signal.
  • ELV Homematic Komplettbausatz Funk-Klingelsignalsensor – I do not know, whether it fits in the Siedle.
  • Nuki Opener – will be launched in near future
    With the grabbed signal I will trigger a wireless doorbell, trigger e-mail/push notification or whatever…

That sounds like a perfect opportunity to use an ESP8266 or ESP32 microprocessor board and ESPHome sub-system. :smiley:

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Sounds interesting. Butdoes this get´s power? And I think, I have to spend a lot of time, to get familiar with this nice toy.

The nicest thing about ESPHome is you specify devices and their functions with YAML configuration files, exactly as you do in Home Assistant. If you can already edit a YAML file, it should not require more than a few days to generate an ESPHome node. :slight_smile:
With regards to wiring, I suggest an opto-coupler should be used to electrically isolate the ESP32 from the doorbell. With regards to power, the ESP32 requires a 5VDC, 2.4A power supply and talks to Home Assistant through normal WiFi. Most ordinary USB power bricks can do the job. You could also use a device like this one to power the ESP32.

I have used a fibaro binary sensor in the bell box. I added a relay with the coil connected to the transformer in the bell via a bridge rectifier to convert the 11v AC to DC. When the bell rings, the relay energises and triggers the fibaro binary sensor.

Check out this recent DIY posted by Frenck.

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Here is an older Moteuino project someone posted in 2015, just for reference.