Gracefully handle internet down

My WTH is when the internet goes down, HA goes crazy trying to reconnect to cloud services. It eventually cripples my rPi 4. Why can’t HA have a sensor or something that checks if the internet is down and stop trying to reconnect X number of services and just wait to reconnect those until the sensor shows that the internet is back up. I could build my own sensor and disable internet dependent automations, but there are services and sensors that will still try to connect. My only work around is to load a separate config.yaml that has all of the internet dependent stuff commented out, but I need to be home and have to manually do this.

Yup, I do the same as you here in non urban Indonesia. Although we’ve had fiber for a couple of years, interruptions of service are still happening. These make using home appliances unusable. One of the culprits in my config is Google cast but other integrations also prohibit a restart.
Am sure most users have more reliable connections, but for those of us that don’t, the entire point of HA gets nullified…

For those of us that wish to use HA offline all the time, it would be nice if it had an offline mode where we could configure time server sources as well. If HA had the ability to use a locally attached RTC with a GPS for the time source, that would be sweet!