Grafana on RPI3 with HASS

Hi all,

i am planning to setup Grafana on the same RPI 3 running Hassbian.
DB will be hosted on a Synology NAS (unluckily and old model which does not support Docker).

Did anyone tried this configuration before? is there any issue performance wise?

Hi, I’m running hass with mysql, influxdb, grafana and some other stuff dockerized on a Pi2. That works fine for my typical use (some zwave devices, some zigbee sensors, etc. ) albeit the startup of HASS and some I/O heavy ops are quite slow. Grafana + Influx feel really really fast compared to the HA-internal database queries for the logbook/history.

It really depends on how much stuff you have in HASS and what kind of performance you are expecting. A serious improvement would be a SBC like the Odroid C2 or Rock64 that have emmc memory instead of an SD card as well as some more processing power than the Pi lineup.