Grafana plugin howto

Hello, I wish to add a third party plugin into Grafana but it doesn’t seem there’s a way. I know I could add a limited amount from a list, but I have one as a 3rd party on the grafana site I want. I saw how to do it in a command line, but I don’t have the first clue of how to get to the grafana command line. It doesn’t work from the Hass command line.

If it is on the Grafana site you can add it:

Wait so I just add it to the configuration and that’s it? Because if the first part is to install it on the command line, I don’t know how to get to the command line. I know the name of the plugin and the command line install sequence, I just don’t know how to access the grafana command line

Yep, that’s it. Easy peasy.

When you restart the addon after adding the config the addon does the cli work for you.

nice, thanks.

It’s a shame we can’t add plugins from github. I really want this for tracking my PIRs:

Same here, it would be great to add plugins from github as well. I’d love to have this one: GitHub - gipong/grafana-groupedbarchart-panel: grouped bar chart panel plugin for grafana

thx tom-l for this great help