Grafana shows 401 Error on Dashboard

once again a grafanf-iframe-dashboard-401 problem, i think the 1001 times.

The iframes always show a 401 error at the beginning, first an added add-in (phpMyAdmin, Portainer, Studio CodeServer, InfluxDB, Grafana) has to be started (click in the left menu). Yes, it does not matter which add-in is called. Afterwards, the dashboard does not show a 401 error, but the content of the grafana frame.

In grafana I have set the parameters

  value: "true"
  value: canBeAnyNameHere
  value: anonymous
  value: "true"

and the port 3000.

I have no idea where to look for this.

Best regards

Same Problem here.
Worked for a long time,until 06.2022 (i think ? ).
Sometimes after restarting HA it will work for a moment.

Same hereā€¦ it seems that whenever you open HA in a fresh browser session or app (wich is technically a browser, too) you have to open Grafana addon UI first, then Grafana dashboards become visible in iFrames, too. And only then. Annoying. Any ideas to fix this?

Did you find solution for this?
It is connected with ingress_sesion key. Opening add-on from sidebar/add-on page generates this session key, which is later used in iframe. But as you said, it is annoying.