Grafana (via Hassio): Compare sum of last week with current week

Hi all!

Posted this question also on Reddit, but maybe someone here has an answer?

Pretty new with Grafana and databases, so please bare with me…

I’m using a p1 sensor to get the values from my smart meter (electricity and gas), they are stored in MariaDB and InfluxDB and both can be accessed through Grafana.

With InfluxDB I can make a standard graph. But what I would like to see is a graph (overlay) with the sum of total electricity used last week and sum of electricity used this week. The goal is to have a quick overview to see if I use more or less electricity than the week before.

Ideally like to see it as standard from for intance sunday to sunday, but floating week is also possible (it that’s way easier).

Have some of you such a graph and is willing to share? (Or point me in te right direction how to make it myself?)

Kind regards