Grafana Where entity_id::tag instead of entity_id

Hoping that someone spots what’s suddenly “wrong” with how I interact with Grafana and InfluxDB add-ons (both official add-ons on latest version HASS OS)

I recently noticed that when building a query I get entity_id::tag instead of entity_id. I am not sure if this is related but when selecting the entity it does not filter out the ones not belonging to the measurement.

In the past:
SELECT last("value") FROM "autogen"."A" WHERE ("entity_id" = 'shellyem3_40f52000ee68_channel_a_current')

SELECT last("value") FROM "autogen"."A" WHERE ("entity_id"::tag = 'shellyem3_40f52000ee68_channel_a_current')
And when I click on the entity I get ones of Voltage, Temperature, etc including the ones that I am looking for in Amps.

I tried looking through the changelogs but nothing caught my I.

Anyone had this experience?

I experienced the same, with the caveat of not being able anymore to have OR selections for another entity-ID. I could maybe write a query to do the same, but in the query builder, I don’t have the option anymore. Anybody an idea, why and what could be done to fix this?

Some of my graphs based on helpers creating monthly energy consumptions are gone with error “no data”. Interestingly, total flat consumption works. I found the same change in the database from entity_id to entity_id::tag but the new one does not contain any data, the old one does not exist anymore.

Have you found out what this is about? I haven’t touched anything for months, if not years.