Graph component blocks OTA

I have a setup of a ESP8266 D1 mini with a SSD1306 connected with IC2.
I found that when I have a graph it will slow down in speed when I do a update over OTA. Almost every time it times out, after I changed the code to one graph it works. I tried with two types of 4MB ESP8266 with the same result.

You can add a safe mode button Safe Mode Button — ESPHome and perform a reboot in safe mode before you start the OTA update.

Sorry but that does not fix it, the problem is that the Wifi connection is the problem, after a reboot it takes forever if it connects and if i want to see the log it will never connect to my Wifi. Without the Graph component the CPU with the display works ok, a change is uploaded in seconds. Connection to Wifi quick and logging no problem.

Well, that’s strange, because in safe mode, all components are disabled and only Serial Logging + Network(WiFi or Ethernet) + OTA are initialized, so the Graph component is not loaded and should not have impact on the rest of the components.

If “it takes forever” that can also be a boot loop. Are you able to get serial loggings to see what’s happening?

Hi! I noticed that the safe button only rebooted the device so I added
safe_mode: true under the OTA

After that the device stayed in safe mode, I then tested to add my graph component and now it works! I can upload new code in the safe mode without any delay. Thanks for the tip!