Graph sensors don't work

Hi, I have Home Assistant OS in virtual machines. I noticed, maybe after an update, that my sensors no longer show the history with the graph! (The same if I “show more”)
In configuration.yaml I have:
sensor: !include_dir_merge_list sensors/

The sensors folder contains several files. The sensors described in the files are correctly recognized, the configuration is correct and does not give syntax errors.

I have no space problems (24% used).
I show you some exemples:



The values written in the upper right corner are correct and update! But the graph is wrong.
I don’t remember if the problem started when I split the sensor.yaml file into multiple files and used a folder (which I included in configuration.yaml) or with an update.

Thank you

you’ve not really provided enough information here to allow anyone help you…logs…versions…etc…etc

also you’ve not searched the Forum before posting…assume you are on Core 2024.7+ have a look here

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You’re right, I’m sorry.

I’m using a virtual machine on Synology nas.
I had Home Assistant OS updated to the latest version (everything: os, core, supervisor).

I solved the problem by downgrading Core to version 2024.6.4
My configuration now is:
Core: 2024.6.4
Supervisor: 2024.06.2
Operating System: 12.4
Frontend: 20240610.1

Now I can see the graphs of all entities again