Graphical info view for automation conditions and triggers

I feel it would be nice to have a place where you can view all your automation conditions and triggers that are time based in a simple timeline view similar to history. This would be especially useful when you add or edit a bunch of automations and want to make sure they don’t clash, without having to open up each individual automation.

I whipped up a picture of what it could look like.

No reason to only make them for time based things. It would be great if we could do it for all types of triggers and conditions.

I’ve always thought that a way to see what is happening inside the automation itself in real time would be hugely helpful in troubleshooting.

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What I did is I actually added input_text to each of my automations that describes status of automation while it executes (e.g. irrigation zone 1 started, irrigation zone 2 started, … irrigation complete) and I change its value from iside automation itself. Then I added these to history. This way I can see on history graph how automations are working. Obviously it is history only, not how these are scheduled…