Graphing P1 sensor on the Energy page seems to have stopped working after DST correction

I installed a Homewizard WiFi P1 meter a couple of weeks ago and all worked flawlessly until last night, when DST kicked in. The sensor itself still collects data, however when I visit the energy overview page for today it is not being populated.

When I go one day back in the overview I noticed that the last collected data is from 2am, the turnover for DST is 3am.

EDIT: Home Assistant is running OS 6.5 on a VM with supervisor-2021.10.8 and core-2021.10.6

There are only a dozen topic about this. Did you restart HA, it should become normal again.

My bad, the inline search for topic creation did not suggest any such topic for me. I’ll give the system a reboot and see how that goes. Thanks for the quick response.

EDIT: I rebooted and it doesn’t seem to have made a difference (yet). I guess it hasn’t hit the polling cycle yet. I’ll keep an eye on it for now.

The lost time will not be recuperated, but it should work again from the time of restart.

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