Graphs get "stuck" until reboot, worked for the last year

Everything’s been working fine for the last year or so.

But sometime around installing the 2024 update (not sure if it’s releated), HomeAssistant has stopped updating graphs every night around 4 AM pacific time.

Here is a good example:

When this happens, the actual numbers in the dashboard are correct–it’s just the graph that flatlines.

Restarting Home Assistant or rebooting the VM returns things to normal:

My sqlite database is huge. I think that may be part of the problem.
At one point I modified the config file to save a year of stats, then a few months ago when I kept running low on space, I removed the config option and restarted the VM. The database is still huge, so I tried going into developer tools and running the recorder purge, but that had no effect on the side of the sqlite file.

I haven’t noticed anything interesting in the error logs when this happens.

Any ideas on what I should try?

Known issue, lots of posts about it but this is the main one:

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Well that was an easy fix. :slight_smile: