Graphs gone crazy and show dates till year 2177

Hi folks,

is this just me or is someone else having the same issue, my graphs shows dates till 2177 which renders the graph useless quick show here below as a picture is better than thousands of words!
I am running Home Assistant on a proxmox instance

Home Assistant 2023.2.5
Supervisor 2023.01.1
Operating System 9.5
Frontend 20230202.0 - latest

Quick update, history and logbook are showing correct actual dates so it’s not something related to the clock.

All normal here…

I’m using the same versions as you are.

Don’t you have a data with a timestamp in that year? Is that happening in a specific sensors or all the sensors?

Thanks for asking Edward, it is happening with all sensors ( energy, temperatures…)


I am not quite sure if we can access the database since we are running HAOS. maybe as a last solution I could delete the database and let it be created again.

There are some Add-ons to help you accessing the content of your database (take a look in the link below). And you can always (and easily) delete your database, but that looks quite radical solution and if you don’t understand how this happen you have a chance to have this issue again in the future.

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This is what makes Home Assistant so powerful The community :smiley: Thank you so much Edward, I have installed the add-one. While checking the database I noticed this

there was a run_id out of the blue with a date in 2185-07-12 ( don’t ask me how :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: )

so first I deleted that record, then searched a bit more in other tables and turn out that there was 181 records created in statistics_short_term table.

I filtered them out using select * FROM "statistics_short_term" WHERE created LIKE '%2185-07-12%'

finally just deleted the records with DELETE FROM "statistics_short_term" WHERE created LIKE '%2185-07-12%'

and voila ! everything looks back to normal


Big up to @EdwardTFN for the help !!

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I fully agree. :slight_smile:

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