Graphs only work with history enabled

Graphs and history in lovelace only work with the history integration enabled, even though only recorder is required for it to function. the history integration provides the REST api used by the interface. So there is currently no way to disable the history tab if you want to use graphs in dashboards.
Imo graphs and history should be a base feature and not be dependent on unrelated other integrations. Right now it is kinda like you would have to enable a ‘button’ integration that gives you a view of all your buttons and also as a side-effect makes it possible to use buttons in dashboards.

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This is related in the sense that you could hide the history tab, but you shouldn’t even have to enable it…

Personally I like the history tab. It lets me see the history of stuff. I think it should be turned on by default, but your opinion may differ.

I assume you don’t have many entities, otherwise you will quickly learn to dislike it. And setting up the entities you do want to track is much easier using lovelace.

I have lots of entities, I’m used to slow loading times these days. I only go to it now and then, but it’s nice to have it.
If you think it should be disabled by default, I’d personally recommend creating a new topic or editing this one to be more clear.

I’m not sure why you think that’s what I want, I think the topic is perfectly clear. My “What the heck?!” is that the history tab is linked to lovelace functionality (and that it is undocumented).

Oh, I understand. Well you can always click “Edit on GitHub”.