Gravatar for device trackers not possible anymore?

I used gravatars for pictures in the old known_devices. Is this not possible now after known devices aren´t used anymore after 0.94?
Using “gravatar: email” in customize.yaml does not work.

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Same question here. Someone have a solution?

I have the same question. Have tried adding to customize.yaml, and “name: <custom name>” works, but as indicated, I confirm that it doesn’t take any notice of gravatar: <e-mail>. This means that an icon consisting only of an intial letter shows up in the map display, and a generic person icon shows up for an device entity in a glance card in Lovelace.

Following this thread I success to get it working:

And especially this part:

and I just have found out that using entity_picture and full path (link) to gravatar works

I have for the moment not access to my config but tell me if you do not success I will give you more details.

Assuming that your known_devices.yaml file is still in place you can find the full path to the gravatar path using your GUI. Navigate to Configuration - Customization and find the entity which was referenced in know_devices.yaml as the device tracker. Then locate entity_picture(JSON formated) which shows full path to gravatar.

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This works! :slight_smile: thanks


entity_picture: hash (encoded value of email adress)

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This also worked for me. Many thanks.