Great prices on Intel NUCs. Not sure why so many go the pi route

I just upgraded from an older generation i3 NUC, it was about 10 years old. I often order from AliExpress so I checked out Beelink products.

I’m not sure there’s any reason to go the raspberry Pi or similar such as Odroid. Such good products for such a cheap price. My order below is showing in Canadian dollars, I think no shipping fee also. That’s about $175 US dollars. It arrived from China in about 2 weeks. This is 16 gigs and 512 gigs, and i5.

And I should add, the backup and then the restore under the new device worked flawlessly, the only thing that didn’t seem to back up and restore correctly was the network storage location for backup purposes to my Synology box. That was easy enough to fix.


Agreed, and the overall speed is much better than RPi, and if you really want to lower the price even more you could find refurbished ones.

Part of the problem is that RPi prices have shot up. They used to be very inexpensive. Now as you point out, they’re getting to the point where other options like a NUC are competitive. I personally think they’re pricing themselves out of the market.

One good thing about the RPi is that HA (and others) have a canned install with virtually no configuration required, at least at the OS level.

My bad. It’s an N100.