GREE AC temp misbehaving


I have here a bunch of GREE ACs.

The recently appeared problem is one of 6 units suddenly started to show weird temps. Looks like it applies some offset or switched to F?
Very weird is:

  • it was working for quite a while, over 6 months when this started
  • other units of the very same type, sw version, etc. work fine
  • this is a twin unit, the other indoor unit on the same outdoor also works just fine

HA shows -4C, the gree+ app shows 24C what’s the right temp as of the physical unit.

When trying to change temp via HA, I get an error message.


Any ideas?

Have all the config in git (including .storage), but looks like there are NO changes in config regarding this unit.

Where is the devil hiding???

Very weird. Installed sentry integration, restarted HA, problem solved.
Tho as far as I remember I recently restarted the whole server, but that did not solve this.

Looks like it was just the restart. Another unit started to show negative temps. Restarted HA, problem went away.