GREE Integration - Devices disconnecting quirk

First and foremost, please excuse the wrong category, I just wanted to share my discovery on GREE devices that keep disconnecting from WiFi for seemingly no reason.

I have an “Argo Milo Plus” portable AC unit that has been working flawlessly with HA for a long time now (a few weeks). Today, I noticed it kept disconnecting from my home network, with no clear explanation for why. I have set it up to connect to my network with the GREE application on my Android device.

It turns out, these devices do not like being run “offline”, as in without a connection to the world, if connected to the network through an application. I have not tested the app-less configuration yet (which involves connecting to it’s hotspot and sending some packets) with respect to this behaviour.

The device will attempt to send ICMP requests to the gateway indicated by the DHCP Reply, and if these fail for whatever reason (in my particular instance, I disabled ICMP requests to my router, they were being dropped), it will disconnect from the network.

I have not seen this documented yet, and I thought about sharing this quirk with the world.