Gree intergration in °F not °C

I just setup my ac with the Gree integration and it works great. It’s all very fast updates on all devices within a few seconds. Only thing that bothers me is it shows the °C number in HA but, it has a °F after it? I would prefer to use °F number like what it shows on the app and the unit itself here in the U.S. °F gives me more increments. If it’s not possible would it be possible to change the °F symbol to the correct °C?gree

I don’t have this device, but I’m going to guess it’s a bug and you should open an issue on the Home Assistant github. It looks to me looking at the Gree climate integration code that it returns F as the default unit of measure unless it sees a Celsius in what’s returned from the Gree library/API/device.

Potentially something has changed in what is sent back so the device/API/library may be sending back Celsius for the actual temperature, but not the expected identifier for Celsius in the unit of measure which would give you this mixed result in the front end.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Just hoping there was already a solution for it. I thought about changing it but, any update would cancel it out again.

Also, I don’t think I’m getting a temperature reading from the sensor on the unit. It just seems to change immediately to what it’s set at?

Sorry to bump an old post, but I think I have found a solution to your issue.
On your Gree remote there is a way to toggle the temperature units on the device between C and F.
Turn off the unit, and on the remote press Mode and Down at the same time. You’ll see the units change on the remote.
I did this, powered the unit on, then powered off and toggled the units again, and all of my Gree Vireo units I have integrated into HA that were displaying in C are not correctly displaying in F.
Hope this helps!

I tried the last suggestion, but could only get HA to display the F value when the appliance was set to C and vice versa. I opened a ticket, and got some advice…appears the 2021.7 release will remedy this issue once released.