Greenfield central heating, radiators: what to buy?

I’m about to get started with home automation. First goal is the central heating system. It is a hydronic system, wall mounted radiators in every room and a gas boiler.

If you were starting from scratch today and wanted to buy the products that are easiest to use with Home Assistant and other free software solutions:

  • which TRV would you buy for the radiators, in particular, for compatibility with the software and for compatibility with the valve bodies?

  • which other products and brands would you choose, for example, temperature sensors, occupancy sensors, managed power outlets?

  • which network protocol would you prefer, or does it matter?

  • any other comments?

I use Energenie TRVs and they work well. They use a rare two way 433Mhz protocol, so you will need their hub, or use their two-way pimote and some custom code (which is what I do).

I use ELV Max for radiators and control the boiler using a simple relais and a separate Z-wave temperature sensor. Next time, I wouldn’t buy ELV Max again; noisy step motors and many connection issues. I also wouldn’t go for the Z-wave temperature sensor: when Z-wave fails, the house gets cold or the boiler just doesn’t stop heating.

Save yourself a lot of time and frustration by investing in reliable hardware.