GreenSun Sockets HA


I use HA and am a beginner. I can send and display temperatures via ESP32. I have two GreenSun sockets that I control with the SmartLife app.

Has anyone been able to govern the HA i? I tried to play Tasmota OTA without success.

According to the MAC address it is a Tuya Smart Inc. I have already been able to switch the sockets using TuyaCloud. I’m going to try Tuya Local now.

In a couple of days esphome 2023.9 will be released with support for Realtek and Beken chips which are often found in tuya products.

The latest LocalTuya brought success.

“Simon42” todo

Excuse me if I don’t really know what is going on in this thread, but I feel it is relevant to my query.

I’ve just bought some Greensun smart plugs. Disappointed that I can’t add them to my Tuya Smart App (I have the Tuya HA integartion) and they do not appear in the VeSync HA integartion. So it seems that there is no way I can access them through HA. Or maybe there is? TuyaLocal?? “Simon 42”??

Clarification would be appreciated please

Hello, if you cannot connect your GreenSun socket to Tuya, there is another problem. Malfunction? Because only if you can connect the sockets with Tuya can they be used in the HA via Tuya/LocalTuya.