Greenwave power boards with greenwave gateway

Hi all,

I know I’m (really) late to the party on this one however, a few years ago i was given 5 x 6 port power boards and 2 x 1 port power boards has part of the trial system. and when they worked they provided on/off and power usage details.

the best way to explain what i have is to direct you to this
this is what i have

obviously the back end system is no longer working and I’ve began to look to see options i have to try and get it “working” again.

Hassio looks like it might have some possibilities, but I’m a little confused on if my devices fit the existing work arounds.

So at the moment I can see some people have the power boards working via zwave dongles and others have the lights working via the gateway and are using the published method here

I have the power boards talking (i.e. synced and not flashing lights) to the gateway.
Can i use the gateway method for the power boards as i don’t have a z wave stick.

Please note I’m on day 2 of my home assistant adventure and so far my sonos have been detected so I’m encouraged to keep going with this.

if i can get the power boards to work it will help me start to get momentum to move to lights (non greenwave ones) in the lamps around the house.

Sorry for the ramble, I hope i have made sense with what I’m after.