Greetings from Santiago - Chile

Hi there,

First time here… been playing with HA for some weeks now.

Started motivated by connecting a couple of Sensative strips - which seem to be working ok - and then moved to some tasmotized (by myself) Sonoff switches… which are not working so great…

Nevertheless, wanted to say hello before going anywhere else on the forum.




Hello, and thank you for your welcome post. Wish you much fun with your HA. Here in the forum I have already gotten a lot of help, there are a few rules, but to comply with them is not difficult. I’ve read that you have some difficulties with your “Tasmota”. I’m sorry I can not help you. There are very many hardworking people here, one of them is Otto Winter, he created ESPHome, and that’s really awesome !!! Take a look at the opportunity

Home Assistant is really very extensive, and there are certainly some difficulties, but here in the forum you always get help and tips :+1:

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Thank you very much!

It is actually very impressive how fast HA advances… the difference between today and all the online guides I’ve read is big - to say the least.

I keep running into ESPHome… I guess I will have to find out about it! Is it better than Tasmota??? Couldn’t find a /versus/ article…



No puedo creer que este seas el único otro chileno usando Home Assistant… Yo llevo un par de años en esto ya. Si quieres me escribes a [email protected]