Grid Card Configeration (Colours)

Hi All

I’m new to HA and so far I’m getting things connected and enjoying it however, I’m stuck on Grid Card configeration.
I’m listing all my devices connected to my network and it shows if they are connected or not (No issues there) Its pretty basic but it works for me however, I want to change the default colour of the items which is yellow (on) and blue (off) to Green (on) and Red (off) but I cannot seem to do this.

If I look in the Show Visual Editor this is what I get, is there any code etc that I can add to change the colour?

  1. Please always post a code formatted:
    Unformatted text do not show indents properly; indents are important in yaml.
    Fix formatting in the 1st post.

  2. Post a screenshot of a card which you have an issue with. In your code I only see one Entities card inside a Grid card. Probably the issue is not related to the Grid card at all; when we’ll sort it out - we’ll rename the thread.