GridConnect esphome

So, I’m looking into the Deta Grid Connect gear but do not want to go near it if it is not 100% esphome compatible.

Is anyone able to confirm if they have managed to successfully flash any of the GridConnect gear with esphome and have it functioning well?

Also, how do I know if the model on the shelf at the time is compatible with flashing. I have had a lot of bad luck with this type of gear trying custom flashes following guides only to learn that the chip in the latest release is not supported, only older models are supported. Is there any way of knowing?


I bought the Deta Grid Connect switch today, Bunnings NZ (aka Hammerbarn), and it is the WB3S board, BK7231T chip. I bought the same switches a year ago and they were the same chip - so from my purchasing, it looks like they should all be possible flashing ESPHome onto it - but I just haven’t yet.

But the link you provided is saying it has an ESP8266 chip, that is not the case these days, and wasn’t a year ago. But ESPHome supports Libretiny - LibreTiny Platform — ESPHome and this is the board (that I’ve come across) WB3S - LibreTiny

Great, thanks for this information.

Have you had any luck getting into these units physically? Are they hard to open and access for flashing?


Here is the equivalent link that you posted, but to the new pages. DETA Grid Connect Smart Switch (Single / Double / Triple / Quad) |

As this page notes - there is Series 1 (the link you posted) and now Series 2 (my link above). It says on the bottom of the package “6912HA - Series 2”.

As for opening it up - there are 4 philips screws to take out - and then you have to prey the board out - due to the top board plugging into the main board with 6 pins. It comes out pretty easy. It looks like the 5 pins used to flash are off to the side for easy access BUT it looks like there is a wifi exploit that is unpatched that you can use CloudCutter for and means you don’t have to actually open it up.

But - just calling out that I don’t have the smart fan control - I just have the 1, 2, 3 & 4 gang smart switches.

Great, thanks so much information.

I will grab one and give it a go. They don’t have much else other then the switches from what I can see, maybe some bulbs, oh and plugs.

Oh one other question, after looking at the photos,

Do these units still physically switch the lights on and off, ie, Wiring connections in the back for the feed and switch wire etc?

Dean, I have made several posts on this forum about upgrading Arlec Grid Connect PC191HA Smart plug-in power sockets to ESPHome. I am surprised the search that you did before asking your question didn’t return anything for you.

The Beken BK7231 chips can be flashed OTA (Over the Air) using Tuya-cloudcutter - i.e. without having to open the devices.

Yes - the main board does all the mains voltage.

Great thanks, only results that came up for me was a eshome page.

Perfect, thank you

I’ve flashed it tonight, after running through UPDATED How To Guide - Tuya CloudCutter with ESPHome LibreTiny - No soldering | digiblurDIY, using a Rasberry Pi 2. Have confirmed you don’t have to open it up to flash it. Works pretty well.

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Thank you! I will try this