Grill Buddy - your grilling companion

Grill Buddy is your grilling companion, designed to simplify temperature monitoring during barbecues and cookouts. It seamlessly integrates with your Home Assistant enabled temperature sensors (probes) and supports various presets for proteins (such as beef, pork, and fish) and doneness levels (rare, medium, well-done and more). With Grill Buddy, you can set and monitor the following goals:

  • Target Temperature: Specify the desired temperature for your food.
  • Temperature Range: Monitor temperatures within specific value ranges.
  • Out-of-Range Alerts: Receive notifications when temperatures fall outside certain limits.
  • Threshold Alerts: Get notified when temperatures go below or above a specific value.

Once your cooking goal is achieved, Grill Buddy updates the status to “goal reached.” Additionally, it provides detailed information about your thermometer probe’s status based on the chosen goal. Plus, it even predicts when you’ll reach your target temperature, allowing you to plan ahead! :thermometer::fire::meat_on_bone:

Remember to fire up the grill and enjoy your perfectly cooked meals! :tada::fire:

Get started:

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I tried adding this but get an error when I try and add it as an integration.

Config flow could not be loaded: {“message”:“Invalid handler specified”}

interesting. Let’s wait until HACS is live before trying to troubleshoot this.

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@rujelus22 I found an issue and fixed it in the latest release: GitHub - jeroenterheerdt/grillbuddy at v2024.5.1. Please try this version.

That one works and allowed me to set it up. I will be grilling tonight so I will give it a try and see how it works.

I have 2024.5.2 of Grill Buddy installed in HA Core 2024.5.4. When I select Grill Buddy in the sidebar I’m offered the option to add a probe, but the Source drop down is empty (just shows --select–).

I have four Inkbird probes in HA that I’d like to use. Should they be compatible with this integration?

Looks good!
Can’t wait to try it out.

Two things…
The source field is rather wide on mobile (haven’t looked at desktop yet).

And the source selector is in desperate need of a filter/search.
For me it seems to list all entities, it could probably be filtered down to sensors only.

It found my 6 probe inkbird.
It took a while to load the list of entities

It loads all sensors and input_numbers. You have just have very long sensor names that’s what causing the wide drop down. I can limit it of course but then you wouldn’t know what to pick.

The load time is because you have many sensors. I will try to find a way to make the UI wait on the load to finish.

Yes it should load but is quite slow at the moment.

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Didn’t know I had that long names :grin:
But that makes sense.

Although it’s less user friendly then I still believe just a text field where you can input the sensor name is probably better than a long list.

Agreed. I think I will just put a textbox there instead of the drop down.

updated version: got rid of dropdown and went with textbox + validation.

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Just to let you know.
These links are wrong.

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thank you, fixed!

I updated to the latest version in hope that I could finally see the sensors.
But this version seems to have removed my ability to even select a sensor.

I have 2024.5.5.
I had 2024.5.2 and with that version I could select a sensor but the entity never got created.

I updated my HA to 2024.5.5 and now the sensors appeared.
Still can’t use the sensor select in the latest version.

It is not working for me at all. when i try to create a sensor i get this error for anything:

Do you have a sensor called sensor.ribs in HA?
The source field is supposed to be the thermometer.

No i thought i was creating a brand new sensor. I read the wiki and was a little confused on that

You are…
The new sensor will be called sensor.spare_ribs