GrillEye Pro+

I would love to be able to use my GrillEye Pro+ BBQ meat temperature sensor(s) within HA.

Of course it wouldn’t be fair to let others create what I want to integrate.

What I’ve found so far:

  • An Android APK version 1.6 (although my iPhone version is at 3.1 already)
  • is the server to connect to
  • The phone registers to that website with specific calls
  • Then whenever I press one of the sensors to see graphical temperatures, a call is made to where the x’s stand for the serial number of the GrillEye Pro+. It needs a security-key in the header of the GET request.
  • Somehow current temperatures are not requested but probably pushed (I was unable to see this traffic in an HTTPS SSL Proxy program)

I’m unsure if this security-key relates to the app itself or if it is somehow a hash of my GrillEye Pro+ and iPhone.

Who could push me into the right direction? Or is even willing to participate in reverse-engineering of the GrillEye API?

So I’ve verified with another GrillEye, that the security key is NOT bound to the grilleye and/or phone.

Issueing a request to:
while adding an extra header:
security-key = 6z7nmIq56VkUbb4

gives you the past temperatures of all connected sensors.