Grocy Barcode

I’ve setup Grocy as an add-on to HA. I would like to use the barcode option… But I am not sure if I am getting an error or not, here is the picture I get when I click barcode. Does it mean it has a missing setup? If I check the logs, nothing is showing up. Any help is appreciated. I am running HA on RPi4:
Home Assistant 2022.8.7
Supervisor 2022.08.6
Operating System 8.5
Frontend 20220802.0 - latest

and for the scanner, using iPhone XS with iOS 15.6

Thank you

Yep I had the same problem, just want to check and make sure you’re using SSL with your HA, the barcode via camera only works when Grocy is served over HTTPS unfortunately. You can either install an SSL certificate and use it with https, or what I have done is use the cloud flare tunnel, which is served over https and it allows me to use the camera on my iPhone without issue. I don’t have an SSL cert installed on my local HA instance so when I am on the network I get the same screen as you. I just tested it by turning off my wifi and connecting through the cloud flare tunnel and it works. Hope that helps!

Thank you @kguy18 . I put the Grocy aside since, I will then maybe try this solution of yours. I wanted to have a 100% local solution, so I’ll take a look on how to install a local certificate.

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