Grocy from my smartphone


I’m desperately trying to get access to Grocy from my Companion. I’ve already installed Grocy on my HA and it’s functionnal from my browser.
Is there a way to access it from my smartphone

what issue are you seeing in the companion app?

Grocy does not appear in the side menu. I don’t see what appears in this video

Try to edit the side bar on your device and add it? Try in chrome for Android too.

Oops, I forgot to specify something …
On my PC, I log in with the admin account and on my smartphone with another account.
So I tried to log in with the account used on my smartphone (not admin) on my PC browser, and I can’t see Grocy either.
How to add Grocy to another account, do you need:

  • Switch the account to admin
  • Then add Grocy to this account via Supervisor
  • Then change the account back to non-admin

Or another approach?