Grocy recipes in Lovelace


I wondered if there was any way at all to get Grocy recipes into a Lovelace? I have the add on and custom integration installed and I have seen the sensors currently available (which doesn’t seem to include recipes unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:), but I did notice someone had made a meal plan card.

I’d really like to be able to view my recipes on a dashboard, mainly because then I would be able to cast to my Google home hub and use while cooking, which would be amazing!


Not sure if you are still trying to do this, but hopefully someone finds it helpful if they have the same use case. This seems to work pretty well, the only thing that doesn’t work for me is pictures of the recipes.

I created a new dashboard with a panel view of a webpage card. I set the URL of the webpage card to grocy_url/recipes?GROCY-API-KEY=your_grocy_api

-Note that the grocy_url must be the externally exposed URL not the Ingress URL. Mine was exposed on port 9192 for the integration so my URL is https://HomeAssistantURL:9192/recipes?GROCY-API-KEY=my_grocy_api

I then created a script called recipes to cast the view to my Google Home hub. I can then say “Hey Google, turn on recipes” and it will cast the view to my kitchen display.

I got the script from the following video, it also includes a script to stop casting: Use Google Displays with Home Assistant 2022 Update - YouTube