GROTT configuring for Growatt solar converters

I’m setting up GROTT for my 2 Growatt solar converters
my converters have a “ShineLan” (without “X”) connected for data communication …

I’m following the tutorial Growatt & Home Assistant []

when reconfiguring the data logger (ShineLan) I get a different settings screen than the tutorial :


… these network settings are much less than in the tutorial

when I fill in the HA IP address instead of the Growatt server It doesn’t connect … maybe because I can’t set the port ?

Should I upgrade ShineLan firmware maybe ? If so, where can I find it ?

I also tried my HA IP with “:5279” but this also didn’t work …

… or does this system not work with a “ShineLan” (without “X”) ?

ignore this post, it’s been fixed already …