Group.all_automations all: true not working


I wanted the “all: true” variable as described here to work with group.all_automations but it does not work. I tried it with

      all: true

but that does also not work. Any Ideas?

That doesn’t appear to be a valid option for customize: (see here). I suspect the config check might fail if you ran it with what you’ve shown. You could create a new group that consists of group.all_automations and apply the setting on that group.

I’m curious though…why do you want the automations group to show as on only if all of them are on? That’s what that setting does. Only asking because I don’t pay attention to the state of that group as a whole.

The config check does not fail. I only wanted it because of the look, not a huge loss if there is no option for it but I would have activated it if there would be a option for it :slight_smile:

But thanks anyway :slight_smile:

The documentation provides one example of using customize for default groups (like all_automations). It defines the sorting order. However, I believe it applies exclusively to the deprecated States UI and not to the Lovelace UI.

I haven’t confirmed it but I suspect you cannot use customize to change the behavior of default groups (when using Lovelace UI).

Oh I see, makes sense. No problem!