Group all device trackers

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I am using the Eero presence tracker component and it’s working perfectly. Now what I would like to do is to display all connected devices. To do so I think I need to create a group.all.device_tracker group but I have no clue how to accomplish this.

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!

You just want to display the devices in the UI?

Well, if you want an actual “group”, then there is the GROUP integration in Home Assistant.

But I don’t think that’s what you really want. If all you want to do is display all of them in the frontend, you just need to create a glances or entities lovelace card and add the device tracker devices. This option requires no yaml to be written, and doesn’t require you to restart Home Assistant.

I want tracker devices connected to automatically be added in a group or ideally a card. I don’t want to select them one by one and to check manually if new ones are connected.
I thought group.all was an elegant solution. But if you guys know other ways to accomplish that I am all ears.

Those connected at the time I’m logging in.

This doesn’t exist in a standard HA install. You can add a custom lovelace card called auto-entities.

No, it would still require you to manually add the devices to the group in configuration yaml. Just creating a group named group.all_device_trackers doesn’t automatically add anything to it.

Load the auto-entities custom card, here:

auto-entities is available via HACS, so that makes installation easier.
Then list all of the entities you want on the card, based on condition, like this:

  title: Who is Home
  type: entities
    - domain: device_tracker
      state: 'home'
show_empty: true
type: 'custom:auto-entities'

It will then automatically place device_trackers on the card, based on their state.

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Many thanks!