Group.all_devices does not work anymore


after the update to 2.0 the “group.all_devices” is no longer filled with IOS devices… How can I get the function back?

Can I get the same function with a normal group?

If one person is home -> State: Home
If two persons are home -> State: Home
if one is away and one home -> State: Home
if both person are away -> State: Not_home


Yes indeed you get that exact functionality by default from a normal group.

Unless you set the all option to true. Then everyone has to be home for the group state to be home. So don’t do that.

I’m having the same issue. Since going to 2.0 on the ios app, my group.all_devices is unknown. When I look at the developers Tools under states this is what I get:

I would expect to see two iphone devices.

I believe that group.all_devices was part of the legacy device_tracker which is not used by mobile_app (but was used by ios). So devices do not get added to that now. My group.all_devices does not contain any mobile devices any more only the nmap devices.