Group.all_devices has unknown state after configuration simplification

Hey folks,

I recently installed the Android app and decided to simplify my HA setup. Previously I used the NMap device tracker and had bunches of devices. Now, ideally, I’d like to have a single device for my phone, driven by the Android app.

This seemed to work for a few hours. My devices showed as home/not_home, my AppDaemon automations kicked in and reduced the thermostat, and everything went well. After removing the NMap tracker and slimming down my configuration, things seem to be broken.

The key issue seems to be group.all_devices, which AppDaemon uses to determine if anyone is home. This now shows as “unknown” even if my phone device shows as home/not_home. As such, none of my automations work.

  1. How do I see what specific entities are in the all_devices group? I should have fewer entities in the group than I did yesterday, so I’m not sure why a superset of entities could have home/not_home states while a subset is unknown. Interestingly enough, I just deleted and reconnected my Android app. When the app was deleted, my phone’s device entity vanished, as did group.all_devices. When reconnected, the device and the group reappeared. So I suspect this is the only device in the group, but I don’t know why its state is unknown.

  2. Is there a different/better way to do global presence detection? By which I mean, I want to detect if anyone or no one is home and set the thermostat. Maybe I can group people together, but all_devices made it a no-brainer and I wish I could debug why it isn’t working. I may be willing to abandon AppDaemon if that’s what it takes, though I really appreciate writing automations in Python vs. Yaml.

  3. Using the Android app, I seem to have two devices for my phone. Is this normal? One seems to have more configurability–the ability to edit automations, etc. The other doesn’t even seem to have an entity_id, and I’m wondering if this is why the status is unknown, but I thought every device in the registry needed an entity_id. How do I explore this further?

Thanks for any help.

I believe group.all_devices only works with the ‘legacy’ device trackers. Anything that’s set up via the new style integrations is not added.