Group as start up page

Any way I can set a startup page to be one of my group page. I don’t want to hide/disable “Home” which has all the devices. I had set few groups and I like of the group to be the first page or start up page so that I don’t have to click the group every time I open the UI.


01 AM

You can edit your bookmark to point to a group.

can I do same on iOS app too?

I don’t think so.

you are right I tried to put the url, it did accept it but still went to Home page only.

I guess I will have to overside “default” grp and hide it and create a new group at the end with same devices as default. Is there a easy way to define all available sensors and devices without listing each one of them in the group?

UPDATE: I was able to override the default_view so its hidden, but I was not successful to put all devices in new group without entering all entities