Group association driving me crazy

I have a aeotec wallmote quad. I’m trying to make group association work from the z wave control panel in HA. This has worked before, but now this happens:

  1. I add one node and another is actually added.
  2. I remove a node and another is removed.
  3. Even if it says it’s added, it doesnt mean it works.
  4. It states node X is added but node Y is activated on keypress.
  5. Sometimes it adds the correct node and works.

So now I have managed to add light X to button 1 and light Y to button 2. Both buttons activate light X. Button 3 and 4 has some other lights added but doesn’t work at all.

What the hell is going on?? Have I messed up something?

The wallmote is just resetted and readded. It has worked before.

Same problem here!

I have some logs and screen captures if someone is interested in investigating this annoying issue.