Group Associations working but not registering in Home Assistant

I’ve been working to setup a couple of switches via group association as well as a motion sensor and a switch. In both cases, the switches are Inovelli LZW30-SN (Red Series) On/Off Switches and the motion sensor is a Zooz ZSE18.

In the case of the 2 switches, one is wired with a line and load and the other is just a line without a load. For the motion sensor, the switch is hooked up to the closet light and the motion sensor is in the closet.

For the closet, I set the motion sensor group association Group 2 linked to the closet light. In general, it works great. The door opens, the light turns on and a couple of min later it turns off. When the light is on, the blue LED on the Inovelli switch lights up properly indicating it is on. However, Home Assistant still shows the switch as off. Interestingly, the energy consuption (W) does increase so it is sensing that it is on.

Thoughts on what may be wrong and how to make Home Assistant properly show when the light is on? It’s affecting some other automations and my OCD.

I am running Home Assistant 2021.10.6 with Zwavejs2mqtt