Group cards into stack?

I have a bunch of cards that should stay together but will flip columns depending on the screen width. I see there is a vertical stack card - how do I move those existing cards into one?

I don’t think you can move them - you have to re-create them in the stack. You can copy and paste the code from the old cards, but it will all have to be indented.

That’s what I feared. Next question, to edit the YAML, where do I find it in the terminal? I know I can use the raw editor, but it’s horrible (no Vim emulation.) I can’t find dashboard yaml anywhere in config/.

Guess you have a dashboard in a storage mode - i.e. UI-operated. Then there is no yaml for this dashboard, it is saved as json.
If you do not afraid of yaml - suggest to transfer all your dashboards to yaml; use a storage mode only for testing dashboards.

If you need a yaml to only fix THIS particular stack issue: just open each card in yaml-edit mode, copy their code to somethere; then create a new vertical stack card and paste code for those cards (one by one).

And suggest to use vscode instead of vim.

It might be possible to copy and paste them into the cards in the GUI mode without the need for make indentations.

So I’ve copied the dashboard yaml into a file in config/ and added to configuration.yaml:

  mode: storage
      mode: yaml
      title: Dexfield Park
      filename: touchplate.yaml
      show_in_sidebar: true

And done Developer tools/All Yaml Configuration reload. but it does not show up in the sidebar, or the Settings/Dashboards screen.

I have to say I’m really not enjoying dashboard configuration. The number of mouse clicks needed to navigate anywhere is ridiculous. Is there a CLI command to reload the yaml config?

Ah, a full restart of HA loaded the new yaml. Progress at least.

Ok, I have the cards in a stack. Woohoo!